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Evangelist Rob Hicks

I flew back in on Tuesday from New Mexico from a great meeting with Pastor Brent Lenetine who pastors the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. God gave us 57 precious souls. On Tuesday Night I was able to attend Longview Baptist Temple’s revival meeting. Evangelist Rob Hicks was the preacher and he did a tremendous job of preaching a clear message and a spirit filled message from the Word of God. I love his emphasis on the King James Bible being inspired and not ashamed to say so. Obviously he is not intimidated by the powers that be in fundamentalism today who are putting a question mark on the KJB.

Tonight’s Wednesday night service was fabulous! Evangelist Rob Hicks preached on “WHAT TO DO WHEN THE BUZZARDS SHOW UP!” This has been a great week for LBT with many saved, baptized, and getting right with God! I saw many old friends whom I had not seen in years and I was pleased and thrilled to see them! Dr. Bob Gray II called this a HOMECOMING REVIVAL and it certainly lived up to its name. By the way my grandson Jordan Gray surrendered to be a preacher of the Gospel. Look out America there are some more preachers named Gray on the way! Can’t get rid of us can you? Ha! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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