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Greenwood Baptist Church
I was up early this am, had my quiet time, and called several of my converts to make sure they were up and ready to go to church. I showered, dressed, and reviewed my Sunday school lesson and sermon. The pastor picked me up at 9:45 and we arrived at church at 9:55. My books did not make it and so hopefully they will arrive on Monday. I greeted many of the folks and then was introduced and I taught my lesson on “WHO DO I LISTEN TO?”The folks listened well and had a great spirit.

I preached this morning on “YOU MUST HAVE TWO BIRTHDAYS.” At the end of the service we had 15 receive Christ as Saviour. Pastor Todd Poynter started this church 15 years ago and has built some beautiful buildings. This is an amazing work and if they continue on this will be one of the great churches not only in Indiana but our nation. As I travel over this nation I am more encouraged than ever because of what I call “SEEDLING” churches that have the potential to reach a great number of the lost in their areas. The influence of Dr. Jack Hyles can be seen in this young pastor for Dr. Hyles was his pastor. He is certainly standing tall in the saddle on the same issues as Dr. Hyles. He has not compromised on the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible and the other fundamentals of the faith.  I will be preaching tonight at  7 pm and again on Monday night at 7 pm. If you are in the area I hope you will take time to attend the services on Monday night. 

On my flight from DFW to Indianapolis I sat next to a young lady who is a Junior at Franklin College located near Indianapolis. Rebeca was her name and she assured me that she was saved and she related to me how that her mother Kindred was saved and baptized at  Greenwood Baptist Church. What a small world! She is going to be attending tonight’s service with not only her family but some of her college friends. Amazing! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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