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DeAnna’s Engagement Ring

One of our grandchildren, DeAnna Gray daughter of Bob and Kelly, became engaged last week to one of our fine young men Josh Doyle. DeAnna sent me a picture of her ring. She was engaged on her birthday! What a surprise. Both DeAnna and Josh are students at TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE and will be graduating next May. They are both soul winners, fine students, love the Lord, and are aggressive soul winners. GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

I am in Columbia, TN., preaching for my good friend Pastor Dave Baker who pastors the LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH. He started this church nearly two decades ago and is doing a wonderful job of leading this church to be a great soul winning church. They have had their share of battles, as we all have, but I will always put my money on the soul winner every time. Not that I would bet! Ha! On my way here I listened to Michigan State University beat Penn State; another answered prayer! Ha! I arrived just in time to watch Arkansas beat LSU! Wow! I felt so sorry for my dear wife Michigan lost again. I am shedding tears as I write this blog! Ha! That’s what they get for bringing someone in from West Virginia! OOPS! I love West Virginia!

Did you hear about the couple leaving divorce court in West Virginia after the judge made their divorce final! The ex-wife was sobbing and couldn’t control herself. The ex-husband said to her, “Come on its over! Quit your crying and get over it! Its over and there is nothing you can do about it! Besides, I’ll still be your brother!” Ha!

I called my converts to make sure they are coming in the morning and one young man told me he was bringing some friends with him. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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