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It was an honor to preach for my good friend Dr. Carl Carlson who pastors the FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH of Irving, Texas. He has pastored there for 10 years. He and his dear wife have had serious health issue. He has many heart surgeries and recently was diagnosed as having Lupus. His wife has had several strokes and it has been very difficult for them to say the least.

Sunday God gave us 5 souls and one for baptism. I preached my sermon “Who Shall Be Damned?”and Russ was one of those who said yes to Jesus. It is a miracle that this dear church is functioning as well as she is with her pastor and pastor’s wife being in such ill health. Please place them on your prayer list. The men of that church are amazing men!

LBT Service
Mrs. Gray was taken to the hospital this past Wednesday. She had not eaten in four days and was extremely weak. No fluids and no food for four days is not a good thing. They kept her and ran all kinds of test and discovered that her potassium was low and was the problem. Of course bad potassium levels can be a serious thing for the heart. They gave her fluids and potassium. She is home and continuing to take medication. I drove to Irving and drove home that afternoon to be with her. 

I attended the Sunday night service at Longview Baptist Temple and heard my son, Dr. Bob Gray II, preach “Is Everyone In The Ark!” Wow, what a great truth! He is doing a wonderful job! I am very proud of him. Both Bob and Scott are great preachers and great men of God in their own right! Of course my daughters Kim and Karen are great preachers also! Ha! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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