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I will be driving to Corsicana, Texas, in a little while to preach for my good friend Pastor Chad Owens on Sunday. I am looking forward to being with him and his dear people.

This past week was an exciting and challenging week to say the least. Mrs. Gray was taken to the hospital twice this week and is home today and doing much better.  Her birthday day was 2-11 and we had a nice day together. Many phone calls and text messages along with some food made her day! It has been a rough week for her. I am able to spend a little extra time before leaving today!

In addition TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE hosted her first PASTOR’S CLINIC with 7 pastors in attendance. We will be hosting 3 a year! The next one will be conducted during the week of the NATIONAL TEEN CONVENTION with another being hosted in September. The snow kept some who had registered from being able to be with us. There will be 25 spots held open for the next two. Pastors can only register and attend one CLINIC per year! I will be teaching all sessions!

Dr. Bob Gray II and his staff did an excellent job of caring for the pastors. Mrs. Diana Ayres prepared three meals per day for the delegates. She did a superb  job. The meals were perfect. 

My four new books were available to the pastors. Please take time to visit and purchase them off of SMASHWORDS.COM, SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM, or go to AMAZON.COM and simply enter Bob Gray Sr. and you will find all of my books.  THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION, SUFFERING?, SUFFERING FRUITFULLY, and JUST A THOUGHT! (Volume IV) are the four new books! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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