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Betty Lamb

Today my son Dr. Bob II called and mentioned how he had to go to the Central Title Company to care for some church business. He told me how that Executive Vice President Mrs. Betty Lamb was the one who was caring for some church closings and she had asked about me. He told her that I was having the time of my life writing books, traveling, and preaching. She asked if I had time to golf and Dr. Bob said yes. 
Bob then called me and asked if I could accompany him to Central Title Company to see Mrs. Lamb. He mentioned about the golfing statement. So, I took my golf clubs and walked in with Dr. Bob and surprised Mrs. Lamb. She said, “Oh, did he take you off of the golf course?” I told her no I brought them with me to show how retirement is going. We laughed and had a great time. This dear lady and I have closed dozens of closings for the church in these nearly 30 years and now she is dealing with my son Dr. Bob II. I have certainly enjoyed caring for church business with so many great people in Longview, Texas, and this lady is one of many! Wonderful memories! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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