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Here we are again on the road! I drove to Mesquite, Texas, today. I will be driving to Ferris, Texas, to teach Sunday school and preach the morning service at the PATRICK BAPTIST CHURCH pastor by Pastor Steve Hamm. It is about a 30 minute drive from the Hampton Inn & Suites where I am staying.

Sunday night I will be preaching at the ANNUAL SOUL WINNING CONFERENCE at the PARKSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Mesquite pastored by my good friend Dr. Mike Wells. Former pastor Dr. Larry May will be preaching first Sunday night at 6 and then I will be preaching second. There will be a Monday night service at 7 pm also! Once again I am looking forward to being with the dear people of PARKSIDE. They had 695 in Sunday school last Sunday with well over 100 saved out on the streets soul winning and dozens being baptized. This is one of the up and coming churches in America. 

I had a colonoscopy last week and every thing is fine with the exception of a bruised colon whatever that means. The doctor did not seem too concerned but wanted to see me on the 25th. Mrs. Gray’s test came back and her pancreas levels are back to normal but her liver count is still off. So, they ran some more tests and we will find out in a couple of weeks what the doctor recommends be done to help her. If we could just stay away from the doctors we would be ok! Ha! Ignorance would be bliss! Dr. Jack Hyles had a hernia and someone asked him when was he going to the doctor to have it looked at and he replied I plan on doing that, but in my case they will call it an “autopsy.”

God gave us several souls this week and I have just called a few to make sure they are still planning on coming to church in the morning. God has been so good to allow my path to cross those who want to trust Christ. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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