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I taught my KING JAMES BIBLE class today and we had a wonderful time exploring the Holy Scriptures.  We discovered some great things about the WORD of God.
1) The Scripture has eyes (Hebrews 4:13)
2) The Scripture has a mind (Hebrews 4:12)
3) The Scripture thinks (Hebrews 4:12)
4) The Scripture judges (John 12:48)
5) The Scripture foresees (Galatians 3:7-8)
6) The Scripture preaches (Galatians 3:7-8)
7) The Scripture speaks (Romans 9:17; Proverbs 6:20)
8) The Scripture leads (Proverbs 6:20)
9) The Scripture saves souls (James 1:18,20)

Hebrews 4:12-13 teaches five things about the WORD of God; quick, powerful, sharper, piercing, and discerner. Hebrews 4:13 mentions the words “his sight” and “the eyes of him.” Verse 12 holds the antecedent for the pronoun “his” and “him” in verse 13. The Holy Scripture speaks of itself as a living person. GOTTA LOVE PRESERVED INSPIRATION!

I preached in the TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE chapel my sermon “FORGIVENESS.” I received numerous text messages from the students who thanked me for this very practical truth. One veteran saint told me he wish someone had taught him that truth in his early days of his Christianity. 

I will be up at 3 am in the morning to prepare to fly to Atlanta, GA., to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Dexter Landers Jr. He pastors the MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH of Whitesburg, GA., which is just outside of Atlanta. He was one of our Bus Division leaders when he was in college and ran 10 bus routes from the Shreveport – Bossier City area. He was one of the best! If you are in the area we will have a Monday night service at 7 pm. I hope to see you there!

Pastor Lander’s dad, Dexter Landers Sr., is on the church staff here serving under my son Dr. Bob Gray II at the LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE of Longview, Texas. His dad is a prolific personal soul winner and weekly has people saved and down the aisle of our church.

This has been a good week of soul winning for me. God has allowed me to lead 14 folks to Christ. Last Sunday God gave me 3 baptisms in two different churches. I love keeping track of those I am fortunate enough to lead to Christ around the country and then contacting them to make sure they are going to church. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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