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I was up at 6 am, ate a light breakfast, fixed Mrs. Gray a light breakfast, walked 4 miles outside, showered, dressed, and had my quiet time. Mrs. Gray had surgery number 30 this week. She had two hernias removed from under her rib cage. We believe this may have been one of the reasons we have had to go to the emergency room two out of the last three weeks. She is sore but seems to be able to move around a little better.

I did not have to leave the house until 10:15 to go to the Longview airport. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen drove me to the airport for my flight to DFW. At the airport I met Steve Dickerson, Chairman of the LBT Deacon Board. He was on a business trip to San Antonio, Texas. We chatted for a little bit before boarding the flight. 

When I arrived in Raleigh-Durham airport the temperature was 45 degrees. Ouch! It will be 32 in the morning and possible snow north of us! Unbelievable! I will be preaching for Pastor Ron Wise who pastors the Unity Baptist Church of Mount Olive, NC. I preached here several times years ago and I am looking forward to being with him in the morning. Dr. Russell Anderson and I will be preaching together in two different churches and then here on Monday night at 7 pm.  If you are in the area please come and be apart of this Monday night service!

I have been inundated with emails about Phil Stringer who spoke at this years Pastor’s School of Hammond, Indiana. It is imperative that you know about this man who worked for Dr. Mickey Carter and was deceptive on his stand about the KJB’S preserved inspiration while with Dr. Carter. He knew full well Dr. Carter’s position and yet took money under false pretense! He has been very slick on this matter of the KING JAMES BIBLE’S preserved inspiration. 

Phil Stringer is apart of inspiration-denying Dean Burgon Society Advisory Council. When Phil Stringer and others from the DBS make statements like, “We believe the Bible is a God-inspired book” they are making reference to the ORIGINALS. He and the others when debating “inspiration” never make inference to any Bible or book that any one in 2011 can hold in their hands!

Phil Stringer will be speaking at the ANNUAL DBS MEETING in 2011. The meeting will be conducted at a Presbyterian Church. One of the other speakers will be Dan Waite, whose lecture is advertised as “THE DANGERS OF AN INSPIRED KING JAMES VERSION.”

The DBS membership is mandated to sign a document stating they will not use the term “inspired” when referring to the KING JAMES BIBLE. Dr. James Sightler and others, to their credit, refused to sign it and left the DBS. Phil Stringer stayed and signed the paper. SHAME on fundamentalists who are enamoured more by human intellect than spiritual knowledge! I accept the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE by faith! This is not dual or double inspiration it is preserved inspiration! Too bad you folks at DBS have a perfect dead Bible! I have perfect lively oracles in my KJB! GOTTA LOVE THE KING JAMES BIBLE!

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