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Dr. Carl Carlson
I was up at 5 am, had my quiet time, fixed a light breakfast for Mrs. Gray, ate a light breakfast, and put my luggage in the car. I drove to Irving, Texas, this morning to preach at the FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH pastored by my good friend Dr. Carl Carlson.  He just recently celebrated his tenth anniversary as pastor. I have known Dr. Carlson for over two decades and he is certainly a fine preacher of the Gospel.

God gave us 8 souls, 5 professions, and 4 baptisms this morning. I will be preaching tonight at 6 pm and I am looking forward to being with these dear folks once again. 

Dr. Carlson’s wife is in the hospital with some heart problems and the truth is they both are in bad health. Mrs. Gray has been through many health issues throughout the years and I have certainly a lot of empathy for these dear servants. They could have given up a long time ago but decided to stay with it. I count it an honor to know these dear saints of God!

Mrs. Gray will have to go back to the hospital in Tyler, Texas, on April 18 for another surgery.  Her pump was disturbed because of the last surgery and has ceased to function. They will have to go in and find out what happened and then correct it. 

I have some new books going to press in the next few weeks. HEAVEN, THE PERSONAL SOUL WINNERS’ MANUAL, 24 CARAT FRIENDSHIP, JUST A THOUGHT! Volumes V, VI, VII, and VIII! Also, I have a five set series  entitled LET’S TALK ABOUT JESUS! If you are interested in pre-ordering please call 903-759-3977 and ask for Mrs. Diana Ayres. I believe you will love these new books. 

Also, they are available in e-book form through, SMASHWORDS, and Kindle. Just enter Bob Gray Sr. and you will be shown all of the ones that are currently available in e-book form. You may also go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM to order sermons as well one of 17 other books that I have written! 

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This week has been a good week of soul winning with 8 being led to Christ and 3 baptized last Sunday. God gave me 24 souls in February and 35 in March! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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