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Bob Hawkins Family
Tonight I preached at the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Canal Winchester, Ohio, for my good friend Dr. Tracy Fowler. The building was full and the spirit was great! 

I preached tonight my sermon “GOD’S DAY.” I pointed out how that God told us in Genesis chapter one that the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day are said to be the “evening and the morning” and not the “morning and the evening.” God always saves the best for last. God never leaves anything that is his in the grave!

1) Death is not the end of the day but death is the beginning of the day

2) Becoming older is not entering into the shadows but entering into the sun light

3) The young are to bear their yoke in their youth (Lamentations 3:27)

4) If you have morning in the evening you will have evening in the morning

5) Every life will have the same amount of mornings and evenings

6) Pay now or pay later

After the service I met with several of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates including the Bob Hawkins family. This dear family has two beautiful girls and hold on are expecting twins on August 19th. They have already named the twin girls Anna Faith and Amelia Joy! WOW! 

In the picture you have Bob, his wife Angela, Emma, and Olivia. They are on deputation as missionaries to Brazil. Their sending church is ANCHOR BAPTIST CHURCH of Columbus, Ohio. 

This is a fine soul winning couple and I highly recommend them for support. Please feel free to call Bob at 614-607-1889 if you would like to schedule him for a meeting. His email address is Please this is the best missions’ money you will ever invest! GOTTA LOVE MISSIONARIES!

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