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Dr. Watts & Dr. Skiver
This morning was the beginning of the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE hosted by the BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH of Ravenna, Ohio. Dr. Monte Watts has conducted literally hundreds of these conferences around our nation and I have been privileged to have a small part in them. Dr. Skiver is the pastor here and has been so going on 21 years. He one of the finest men of God you will ever meet. I have always enjoyed preaching here.

Assistant pastor Dave Ballert preached during Sunday school and did a marvellous job of preparing the people for this week’s meetings. Dr. Russell Anderson will join us on Monday and Tuesday. If you are in the area please make plans to be with us each night.

The Lord was so good to us this morning with a full building also 4 saved with 2 professions and 2 baptisms. Mrs. Gray was able to travel with me but her right foot was so swollen she could not wear her shoes nor go with me this morning. To tell you the truth I think she has a broken ankle from her fall two weeks ago. We called back and made an appointment to see the Doctor on Thursday to x-ray her foot. Dave Ballert’s wife called Mrs. Gray a modern day Job! She refuses to let me take her to a doctor here! She is so stubborn! I’m glad I am not that way! Ha! GOTTA LOVE LIFE!

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