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This morning my flight did not leave Longview, TX., until 11:40 so I was able to spend a little extra time to do some honey-do jobs. I then worked on a new book “LEADING FROM THE FRONT.” A leadership book that will be helpful to parents, pastors, missionaries, staff, school teachers, bus captains, and Sunday school teachers. 

I completed “JUST A THOUGHT! Volume 10.” This is the last of the ten volume set of devotionals. Numbers 5-9 will be available soon. The 5 book series of “LET’S TALK ABOUT JESUS” is being proofed and soon will be also available. We just sent “THE SOUL WINNER’S GUIDEBOOK” back to the printer for printing and it will be coming off of the press soon. You can go to AMAZON.COM and enter Bob Gray Sr. and you will find all my books and soon these new ones will be listed there also. 

I would suggest you call Mrs. Ayres at 903-759-3977 or 903-576-1307 for special book store rates. 

The one I am extremely pleased with and excited about is the hard back book “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” a study of the life principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. It will be a $29.95 book and will be well worth it. This is a must read for every young servant of God and even you old people too. Ha! Hopefully we will have this out to the public by December 2011. 

There will be a special pre-sale offer and in order to get your name on that list please email me at [email protected] or call Mrs. Ayres at the above numbers and ask to be put on the list. Pastors who order by the boxes will receive excellent book store rates. GOTTA LOVE DR. HYLES!

I flew to Chicago, Illinois, to preach for my friend Pastor Thomas Griffin who pastors the JORDAN BAPTIST CHURCH of Burbank, Illinois. They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on October 9th with a special Sunday. I will be teaching Sunday school and preaching both services tomorrow. This is a great soul winning church. 

The Lord gave me 9 souls this past week and 1 of them following the Lord in baptism. I love winning the lost and I love especially seeing them follow the Lord in baptism and then becoming soul winners themselves. Personal soul winning is God’s method for reaching the unsaved. Try it you’ll like it! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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