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Sunday Morning 
My son Dr. Bob II, pastor of LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE, had me scheduled for over a year to preach this Sunday. This is their fall campaign and I was thrilled to preach from behind the pulpit where I had the honor of preaching for almost 30 years. I taught Dr. Bob’s Sunday school class on “FORGIVENESS” and then preached this morning my sermon “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!” There were dozens of adult visitors and the altars were full with most of them trusting Christ as Saviour.  

What a thrill to see so many whom I love still faithfully continuing on winning souls. The buildings were full and the auditorium was full. Words cannot begin to express my admiration for my son and his dear wife Kelly who have continued on and are doing more for the cause of Christ. I will be preaching tonight and I am looking forward to it.

Saturday TBC Meeting

Dr. Bob II asked me to teach some of the young TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE pastoral students Saturday morning at 9 am my lecture on “LOADING THE WAGON.” The college has provided a program for some of the young men going into full time service where they are given an area in East Texas for soul winning. This is a wonderful thing for young pastoral students. They go out two by two just as if they were pastoring their area. They are to win adults to Christ, bring them to church, and be a mentor to them. There is a vast difference between building a bus route and dealing with adults. This is a tremendous tool for these young men to be prepared for the real world.

5 to 6 weeks left

My new book “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” will be off the presses in 5 to 6 weeks. It is a 408 page hard back book with a dust jacket. There is so much mis-information being dispersed about Dr. Jack Hyles that I fear the next generation will not be aware of the REAL Dr. Hyles and the Biblical principles he employed that caught God’s attention. This is a must read. I had 7 dear folks around the country read the manuscript and one wrote this…”I could not put it down once I started reading it. This is a MUST read for those wanting to replicate what Dr. Hyles accomplished for Christ in his day!” 

I am offering a 50% off price for churches, bookstores, pastors, and evangelists who will purchase these books by the case. This book will retail for $ 24.95 and will be $ 12.50 per book if purchased by the case plus S&H. There are 16 books to a case and will cost $ 199.68 plus S&H. This is a limited offer for the next 6 weeks. Over 1/3 of these cases have been purchased so far and they will go fast. GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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