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Pastor Chris Fowler
Pastor Chris Fowler heard Dr. Jack Hyles preach on a CD his sermon “THIS KIND” on 10-16-06 and God spoke to his heart about starting and independent Baptist church. He was a Southern Baptist pastor at the time and resigned his church to start an independent Baptist church in Simms, TX. 

It has been 5 years since he and his family started the LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH in East Texas. He struggled and three years ago came to see me about about his ministry. I gave him a copy of all of my books and we held a revival meeting for him. He is a personal soul winner.

I noticed Sunday several new couples and God gave 3 professions of faith and 1 baptism of a young husband. This is as country as you can find, but God is working in a special way.

After the service two young boys asked about whether they two could be saved like the others. It was a very tender thing to see. I remember when I was age 11 and after a Sunday night service I went home and was scared because I did not want to go to Hell. Pastor Marvin Owen preached a red hot sermon on Hell and I went to the altar, but no one opened the Bible to tell me how to be saved. This was an American Baptist church.

I went home that night and before going to bed I was standing in the hall crying. My mama asked me what was wrong and I told her I was going to Hell. She started to cry and told me to go into my bedroom, get on my knees, and ask Jesus to save my soul. I did what she said and it was like a ton of weight was lifted off of my soul. GOTTA LOVE A SOUL WINNING PARENT!

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