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I am very rarely at home and when it is possible I thoroughly enjoy our church. LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE of Longview, TX., has been a bright shining light for the Gospel since 1960. Her founding pastor is Dr. Nihl Bulkley who is retired. God bless that dear man of God. 

I was honored to be her pastor longer than all the other 5 pastors put together. To see her continuing on is warming to the heart. America can still be reached with local independent Baptist churches doing it the old fashioned way! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

There are 40,000 Southern Baptist Convention Churches and over 22,000 of those reported not one baptism two years ago and the list continues to grow. They are going to “Worship Teams” and “Contemporary Services” to reach an unsaved world. It is not working! This contemporary move to win the hearts of the younger generation is failing. All these churches do is perpetuate worldliness and bring God down to man. They are destroying the orchard! God’s men are to teach and preach to bring man up to God for we are made in His image not the other way around. SBC churches are using Willie Nelson and others to reach the lost.

Holiness and godliness provide an unbeatable combination. Holiness is knocking on Heaven’s door while godliness is knocking on a sinner’s door. You cannot succeed without both. 

To change the prelude from the organ to a rock n’ roll band will not garner Heaven’s attention. This unstable world needs a stable local church. God responds to holiness and godliness. Without the Holy Spirit there will be no conviction and thus no conversion! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

By the way, coming soon will be the launching of the INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM web site. I am excited about this project that will include regional conferences, a publishing house, and daily “Town Hall” type articles. Please go there and sign up. There will multiple contributors with multiple articles on multiple subjects. If you wish to advertise then email ibaptistcom@gmailcom or email me at [email protected] and I will forward your request.  We are in the final weeks of preparation. I will let you know when they let me know the launching date. 

If you will go to the end of this email and click “read more” then go to the BLOG you may subscribe to ensure you will receive the BLOG. If you wish to not receive these emails just simply let me know. GOTTA LOVE THE CAUSE OF CHRIST!

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