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Pastor Bill Davis

Sunday Morning

Youth Ensemble

I had the honor of teaching & preaching for my good friend Pastor Bill Davis today on his 10th Anniversary Sunday.  He has pastored the CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH for these past ten years. This good man of God has been through so much physically and it is a miracle that he is still alive, let alone pastoring.  He has had several heart attacks and yet keeps on going for God. Thousands have been saved in these 10 years and I am glad to call him my friend.  Congratulations Pastor and Mrs. Bill Davis on your ten years of service to the Greensboro, NC, area for the cause of Christ.  Once again folks were saved and baptized on this Lord’s Day.

Christina & Dekotsha

I flew into Greensboro, NC., airport and one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Josh Clapp picked me up and took me to the Hampton Inn. He and his dear wife Nicolle are both graduates of TBC and work with Pastor Davis.  I met two ladies behind the counter who were working Saturday night. I checked in and they were very kind. I joked with them a little bit and went to my room and unpacked.  

A little later on I left to go to the Wendy’s restaurant next door.  As I was leaving the motel I asked the ladies if they wanted something from Wendy’s.  They told me “No thanks.”  I went to the restaurant and purchased my food and in addition bought two chocolate Frosties. I came back to the motel and I gave the two Frosties to the ladies.  They thanked me and I gave them both Gospel tracts.  We chatted for a little while about Heaven and Hell.  Then I went over some Scriptures and in a few moments they both bowed their heads and prayed to trust Christ to save their souls from going to Hell. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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