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I have observed throughout these 40 years of preaching all that Satan could possibly hurl at our churches from the abyss itself.  By no means am I a perfect men and our people were and are far from being perfect.  We simply were an imperfect people preaching a perfect book to imperfect people hoping to perfect them to be a little more like Christ.

There has always been an element that hates an aggressive soul winning church, both inside and outside the local church.  They take articles like this and parse the words to suit their hateful agenda.  The internet has provided a platform for the devil to use to attack good men and good churches that are attempting to do the right thing for our LORD.  These minions of Satan twist Scripture as well as utilize non-spiritual and unscriptural methods to trash good churches and good men.  They are like vultures that fly over the IFB landscape failing to see the blessings and the beauty of God’s creation in search of death and corruption.

Be of good cheer dear Bible believers for the Scripture states clearly in Matthew 16:18 the very gates, or headquarters of Hell, cannot prevail against a soul winning local New Testament Church.

This mindset of our enemies is much like the political arena where both Democrats and Republicans point to a few to justify their vitriolic attitude toward the whole.  Just because one does a sickening and outrageous thing does not justify the condemnation of the group that he or she is a member of.  Satan loves the hatred of “groups.”

Liberals, whether religious or political, are in search of identifying and labeling “groups” of people to justify their venom.  Their articles do not offer help to the individual for they only focus on how wicked the “group” is.  

I was told via a Connecticut publication there are 22,000 independent Baptist churches in America.  I do not know, because independent Baptists do not have a headquarters and do not keep such records.  I do know from provided stats there are 420,000 churches of every stripe and color in our nation.  These churches average 150 membership and 75 in attendances.  If we translate that into IFB numbers and using a conservative figure of 15,000 churches you end up with 2,250,000 church members, which I think is a low figure.

Here is the problem!  An example, i.e., a BLOG, dedicated to the destruction of the IFB churches, was sent to me with a list of 80 supposed perverts.  80 out of 15,000 churches with 2,250,000 members does not rate to the level of a justified “group” attack of the IFB.  Let’s go along with this BLOG and even say there are 200 perverts, it still does not rise to the level the BLOG desires.  Let’s raise it to 1,000 it still does not rise to the level of the Catholic Church.  Please do not misunderstand – ONE IS ONE TOO MANY!

My fear is this will turn into an unjustified witch hunt on a “group” that will result in some innocent people being accused and costing them their freedom.  It has happened my friend!  Please again do not misunderstand me.   The laws are clear and I tell pastors and their congregations to immediately inform the Law officials, dismiss the individual, and let the law investigate where the law is broken.  

The BLOG forwarded to me is written by a woman whom I believe graduated from Bob Jones University.   I do not know her, but I do know her brother who graduated with me from Hyles-Anderson College.  I agree with her in our mutual deploring every perverted act perpetrated on the innocent and so does any one who has any common sense.  However, there is a flaw here in the assimilating and packaging of this information.

Assuming the number 80 is correct, and even low, and for discussion sake let’s make it 200 or even a 1,000.  It is wrong to broad brush ALL independent Baptist churches because of a few immoral deviants.  Again, ONE IS ONE TOO MANY! 

My friend not every Catholic Priest is a pervert, not every Catholic church is filled with perverts, not every Southern Baptist Church is filled with perversion, and not every IFB church is filled with perversion.

The philosophy of naming and blaming “groups” is a dangerous path whether we do it or others do it.  Hitler and other tyrannical leaders had and have this “group mentality.” It leads to death and destruction.  The liberal mind-set has always focused on “groups” and not the individuals who may be a part of that group.

Our nation was and is built on the rights of the individual.  When you lump every one into a “group” it is usually because of a desire to eliminate or do damage to everyone in that group regardless of who it hurts simply because it is a “group.”

Liberal politicians live off of pushing and protecting “groups” while lumping and punishing other “groups” who disagree.  As a result laws are passed that usurp God given rights of the individual.  Individuals built America.  

I am suggesting IFB churches are doing their best all over this nation to win a dad, mom, brother, sister, son, or a daughter to Christ while aiding them in their growth in the LORD. I have traveled for 40 years and I know many of these dear churches. The churches I know, the minute they encounter a molester they immediately turn them over to the authorities. Do not judge all by the sins of a few.

95% of the churches in America are in rural areas.  America is great because of the individual pulpits of our nation.  Destroy that and you have destroyed America’s base, the family unit.   

I do not mind the focus on a problem, however I do object to the hurtful diatribes against a group because of a few in that group.  The truth is the enemy is upset over soul winning, standards, and strong Biblical preaching.  Our critics drink their beer, puff on their cigars, smoke their cigarettes, attend their vulgar Hollywood movies, and then vilify the IFB as if ALL are guilty of the despicable acts of a few. How does it feel to be “grouped” as a “group?” 

I had a dentist run off with his receptionist, but I still need to go to a dentist.  I had a mechanic steal from me one time, but I still need to go to a mechanic.  I had a deacon turn on me, but we I still had deacons.  I had a pastor lie one time, but I still preach for pastors.

A 2011 Gallup Poll recently released stated that 2.8% of our American population are homosexuals.  In that same Poll they reported that public perception was there were 25% of our nation were homosexuals. HUMMMM!  The perception is bigger than the facts.  The smoke filled rooms of the media cause this perception to exist.  The same is true with the smoke filled rooms of “bloggers” who attempt to take the facts and skew them them because of a personal agenda.  Sorry, your rants do not hold water!  GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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