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I will be driving to Frisco, TX, to preach for the 21st Anniversary service for my long time friend Pastor Alton Byrd.  He started the LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH and is a wonderful man of God.  I am looking forward to being with him and his dear people.  If you are in the area and can attend, the service begins at 10:30 Sunday morning.  You may call him at 972-679-6726 for directions.

July has been a wonderful month for soul winning.  God gave us 46 who trusted Christ with 7 of those following the LORD in baptism.  One of the things I enjoy more than anything is to hear of the ones I have the privilege of leading to Christ around the country walking the aisles in their towns at local churches and being baptized.  I have had 3 in 3 different churches follow the LORD in baptism on the same Sunday.  That tickles me!

Also, I love it when a year later I find them singing in the church choir and working in Sunday school! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

Telvin & Ross
For 11 days our AC had been broken and the only air Mrs. G had was a window unit in the storage room off our bed room.  We would close all the doors and hook up a fan to blow that air into the bedroom. It averaged right at 100 degrees each day and was miserable.  We had the AC folks come out and they said we had a bad compressor.  So, they ordered a new one and finally it came in this last week.  

After the men finished putting in the new compressor I had a chance to chat with them about having a new nature put in them.  It went great.  They listened as I went through the Scriptures and in a few minutes they bowed their heads and asked Christ to save their souls and make them new creatures in Christ. Hopefully they will be in Sunday school this Sunday at LBT. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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