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It appears from the emails and texts Christians have awakened to the reality of this years’ election.  Christians are beginning to ask me the question, “How can I vote for a Mormon?”  The Christian community has no hesitation in saying “NO” to a Muslim leaning person for President, but there is a quandary as to how to justify voting for a Mormon for President.  This has paralyzed many and the question will not go away.  Should I stay home and not vote?  Will my vote make any difference any way?  Should I just ignore this years’ election?

This has begun to bubble to the surface since the conclusion of both political conventions. The Democrats and the Republicans presented their usual partisan planks in their usual partisan platforms.  Of the two the most conservative and most likely similarly close to most Christians’ belief system appears to be the Republican Party.  When the Democrats booed placing God and Jerusalem back as a plank, previously removed, into their platform it was apparent their liberal bias and views have not changed.

This is NOT the Democratic Party of my parents from Arkansas!

How can a Christian with a clear conscience vote for a Mormon?   How can someone who has Scriptural insight and understanding of clear Bible doctrine vote for a Mormon?  How can someone who does not believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan vote for a Mormon?  How can a person who trusts Jesus Christ’s shed and applied blood to cleanse their soul vote for a Mormon?  How can a person who rejects the Mormon religion and believes it to be a cult and not a codified religion vote for a Mormon?  Within the next 50 days we are being asked to choose between a Mormon and a Muslim!


In the late 60’s and 70’s a pro-family, pro-religion, and pro-life movement began to snowball and it took a nation by surprise although it was grass roots in popularity.  The sanctity of life, the worth of an individual, the traditional family life, and the embracing of church life became the cornerstone of American society.

First, state and federal bureaucracies became fearful of the growing power of the Christian  fundamentalist movement with a strong Christian school movement.  They saw it as a means whereby conservative evangelism was increasing its strength and reaching countless parents through their children.  Large local churches began to spring up around the nation and were being accepted as a good thing.  Children were being reached with Gospel through strong Bus Ministries.  With that came an unprecedented numerical growth and recognition.

Secondly, politicians suddenly became cognizant of the rapid growth of conservative and fundamental local churches and their potential political power.  Jimmy Carter, an obscure candidate gained national attention, the Democratic presidential nomination, and the election when he declared himself a “born-again Christian.”

In 1980 Carter, Anderson, and Ronald Reagan all professed themselves to be “born-again Christians.” I personally asked then Governor Reagan if he was born-again in a conference at the Sheridan Hotel in Chicago in 1978.  He gave a clear testimony of how he trusted Christ at age 12.  However, it is a reality to say the politicians had suddenly recognized the political potential of Biblical fundamentalism and were anxious to appease the fundamentalists with a superficial affirmation.

The sound fiscal responsibility and the economic boom of the 80’s would not have happened had it not been for the influence of the fundamentalists.  It was a well blended choir of a united movement of a growing Christian community and politicians who responded in kind.

Thirdly, there were some great changes in process with fundamentalism.  The earlier reaction to fundamentalism was to call it the “fighting fundy” of negation, separation, and hostility.  “Fundy” was and is a derogatory shortening of “fundamentalism.”  

At that time these were they who were reacting to the seeming overnight growth of this religious right.  To assail the movement by going after the messenger was the only way to fight back against this overwhelming snowball.

This still exists today in the internet forums and is fed by disgruntles who are few in number. They are similar to the “occupy movement” that is, they are small in number, hollow in spiritual content, and loud.

This growth in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s was not a result of an anti-modernist preaching as much as a sound program of Biblical teaching to establish believers in the faith.  The strong Sunday school systems, the active Bus Ministries, the schools, the growth of Bible colleges all played a vital part of this growth.  

The modernists and liberals began to wage a paper war of negation while the fundamentalism of that day gave a positive address of reaching the unsaved, baptizing the saved, placing them in a strong Sunday school class, and teaching them to win others to Christ. AND IT WORKED!

Fourthly, those who look to the troubled and unhappy past will, like Lot’s wife, be forever condemned to it.  The failures of those days of growth can be teaching moments, but certainly the baby should not be thrown out with the wash.

The internet quagmire filled with anti “themes” relish every misstep and sin they can uncover of those fighting on the spiritual front lines in days gone by. Those who allow the evils to overwhelm them are in essence denying the power of God.   This new generation refuses to become paralyzed by fear.  The enemies of soul winning churches desire and agenda is designed to destroy while the soul winners’ desire and agenda is win the unsaved to Christ and to restore the fallen.  The result is the gates of Hell will not prevail against such churches.


There have been two great missionary forces at work in this century.  The first was and still is world communism and socialism.  Its death toll over 100 million and is destructive forces have brought evil, famine, sickness, financial ruin, and fatal decay to nations who embrace it.  

Government is not the answer to man’s ills.  God is the answer.  When we push and approve more and more dependence upon government we must understand we are weaving a fabric of communism and socialism.

The second great missionary force is that of local churches who win souls, baptize converts, and teach them to win others to Christ.  Independent Baptist churches with strong Sunday schools  whose doctrine is Biblical with their only headquarters being that of Heaven will make a difference in our nation.


We must vote for the better of the two presented to us.  On the other hand at the same time we must respond as Christians on a day by day basis.  We are commanded to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, baptize the converts, and teach them to do the same propagation of the Gospel.

Matthew 5:13, “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

Yes you can vote for a Mormon over a Muslim  leaning president with ease.  America is 16 trillion dollars in debt, 23 million unemployed, 48 million not paying a dime of taxes, unemployment of 8 % plus, disrespected around the world, and Americans dying at the hands of so-called allies.  

We are not voting on a pastor, but we are voting on a president.

Which is the better of the two?  Your choice and your only choice!  It is either a Mormon or a Muslim?  Don’t stay home! Go to the polls and vote! Again, we are not voting on a new pastor. We are voting on who will be our next president.

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