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As many know by now Beverly Hyles has started a BLOG – “MONDAY WITH BEVERLY.”  Some have wondered if this is hers or her family members’ BLOG.  I can assure you that is it 100% hers.   She is an articulate and thoughtful writer as well as being so in person.   I love her writing!

The response has been amazing.  People love to hear what she has to say and write.  She has great wisdom.  One of her granddaughters is helping her with the techie part, but Mrs Hyles is the sole contributor to the BLOG.  All ideas are hers.  I nor any family member have anything to do with the material in her BLOG.

I have noticed and you will notice as well her humility and in no way does she flaunt who she is.  She is just Beverly Hyles.  She is not attempting to capitalize on her husband’s fame.  She just wants to be a blessing to whoever may have interest.  People can read or not read it for it is their choice.

For some strange reason some have chosen to call me the “Hyles’ family spokesman.”  This is ridiculous.  A Chicago Tribune writer called me one time and started out by saying, “We understand you are the national spokesman for Dr. Hyles.”   My reply was simple, “Sir no one speaks for Dr. Jack Hyles, but Dr. Jack Hyles.”  

I happen to love the family.  They have experienced good days and bad days, but I have never wavered in my love for them.   If we are willing to be their friends when they are on top then certainly, if it is real friendship, we should also be their friends when they experience down days.

To agree 100% with everyone is ridiculous. It is a given in life! However, if what we preach and teach on “Loving the brethren” be true then certainly it should be lived as well as believed.  Thank you Mrs. Hyles for your sacrifice of your husband to help our nation to be better off spiritually. 

This country is filled with folks who love Beverly Hyles.  As a friend I have some insights into who she is and characteristics I have seen in her over the years.  

  • She has lived her entire life faithful to the LORD and at age 84, I believe she will make it to the end.
  • She has shown grace under incredible pressure time and time again.
  • She has grown in the LORD. She did not start out with everything all together.  She grew like we all must, but she did grow.
  • She has endured with grace the failings, struggles, and challenges of her children.  She loves all of her children  even with all their failings.
  • She has chosen to love her children even at their worst and will not throw them under the bus.
  • She has never sought to be the “first lady of fundamentalism.”
  • She has endured a lifetime of challenges as a pastor’s wife who was placed, not by choice, in a national limelight.
  • She has chosen silent loyalty over being a loud mouth woman defending her husband and children with rants and raves.
  • She has unjustly been judged by some in these past 12 years since her husbands’ death by choosing to live in more obscurity.
  • She has not asked people to live by her opinions and does not choose to live by theirs.
  • She attends the church where she feels God has led her.  It may not be our choice, but it is her choice. Should that abate love?
  • She is an amazing Sunday school teacher and still believes in and uses her old King James Bible.
  • She has not changed in her beliefs or her standards, but she has great grace towards others who are different than her.
  • She has chosen to live out her days free from the public demands she bore for most of her life.
  • She has an amazing relationship with the LORD and when you are around her and hear her speak it is obvious.
  • She loves pretty things and is the ultimate example of graciousness and femininity.
  • She shuns being a voice of the fundamental world because she does not feel it is her place to influence which “camp” is “right” or to be used as an endorsement.
  • Her silence is her way of showing that she believes that God is in control.
  • She cares what people think until they begin to meddle with her life and then she will shut out those voices.
  • She is a very tenderhearted lady who is probably tougher than you and me combined.
  • She enjoys being alone and her privacy.  We have learned to respect her privacy.
  • She wishes her and her beloved husband could have lived out their days together in peace and in enjoyment of one another. She still misses him terribly.
  • She will not be bullied by anyone including “Fundamentalists” who attempt to tell her how to live out her days. Don’t mistake her silence for fear or weakness. It is called being a good Christian, something few know as well as she does, though she would not think that of herself.
  • She is a Christian first and foremost.  She does not seek to adhere to other labels.  Her cause is Christ and Him alone.
  • She puts others above herself.
  • She deserves to be treated with dignity, honor, and respect, but she would never even think of demanding that for she is too humble.  She is the true definition of humility.

JOHN 5:24; I JOHN 3:14

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