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Proverbs 23:23, “Buy the truth, and sell it not; also
wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.”
Two parts involved in this thought! One, buy the truth! Two,
sell it not!” It is a sad commentary on this generation that it is ok to “sell”
if the price is right. It is accepted practice for a politician to decide how
he will vote based on whether he will become elected or not! If you do not get
elected then realize there really is life after politics. What action should this
Senator take, or this Congressman, or this Mayor takes? “If he or she does take
this action it will hurt their chances of re-election.” Wait a minute!
Regardless of the outcome he or she ought to “buy the truth and sell it not.” There is life after politics.
When our country’s leaders base their decisions how it will
affect my family and my grandchildren on the basis of their re-election  alone, our nation is in a mess! They ought to refuse to violate their principles! They ought to say when Hell freezes over, or when they sell popsicles in the Bogger Man’s
house will I sell out.
If certain type preaching makes you unpopular or especially
if it will not draw crowds then some will advise you to not preach in such a manner. Do not sell out for there really is
life after the pastorate! 
Two things at issue here! Buy the truth and sell it
not! When the philosophy becomes justifying the end we have sold our
souls to Satan. If a church doesn’t like the pastor’s convictions, aggressive
soul winning, standards, or his preaching then the pastor should realize there is life
after the pastorate. Buy the truth and sell it not!
If a denomination decides to blackball you and the
Associational Missionary tells you, like they did me, “You’ll never preach in
one of our churches again” then realize there is life after a denomination! Buy
the truth and sell it not!
If your wife walks out on you with the children and runs off
with some one else, yes you are hurt, you are mad, you are sad, and you are broken
hearted, but there really is life after a divorce! Buy the truth and sell it
If the children are turning out to be punks, rebellious,
disrespectful, and rebels: be hurt, be disappointed, and embarrassed, but please
realize there really is life after rebellious children. Buy the truth and sell it not!
Ok, you lost your job and the company cut back or you were
fired, may I tell you something, there really is life after a losing a job. Buy
the truth and sell it not!
So, you have dropped the ball as bus captain and your route
is not doing well at all, or your Sunday school class is failing to produce, may
I remind you that there is life after failing. Buy the truth and sell it not!
Have your friends turned on you? You must realize that there
is life after Demas! Buy the truth and sell it not! Have the finances gone
south and you are in a mess financially? Wait a minute there is life after
bankruptcy! Should I quit my bus route and give up on people? There really is
life after losing it all! Buy the truth and sell it not!
I must not trim truth. I must always preach the truth
that I have purchased regardless of its acceptance or rejection. No one can
have truth without paying a price! People are attempting today to figure out
what works and what doesn’t work rather than finding out what is truth and what
is not truth. Whether it works out or not is not the issue. The truth is the issue of Truth is the only real indicator of success. Buy the truth and sell it not.
The Charismatic and Emerging church methods work one man says. They are
successful as far some are concerned. However, Jesus came to Jerusalem on a
donkey and went out of Jerusalem on a cross and He said, “I am the truth…” The neo-fundamentalist methods may work in gaining the crowds, but I
would rather ride in on a donkey and go out on a cross with the truth! I have
chosen to buy the truth and sell it not!
The only one who went out with the money from the first
twelve preachers was Judas. He sold what he did not buy! The end does not
justify the means. Some fundamentalists bought the truth in the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s then ended up selling out to the new Millennium crowd.  Buy the
truth and sell it not!
It is not just enough to buy the truth you also must not sell
the truth! Do you have a price? They say every man has a price! Do you? So you
want to see more people saved and you think by trimming the truth you can bring
more people to Jesus? I say to you buy the truth and sell it not! Preach the
truth and if God gives you 10,000 converts amen! If God gives you ten converts
amen! It is much better to buy the truth and sell it not!
Spare no pain! Spare no cost! Spare no sacrifice to obtain
the truth and when you have purchased the truth protect it, keep it safe, and
secure. The truth will always cost you something and it is a shame to pay the
price and then sell it for a poultry or a penury sum.
You can obtain error for free! Any TV evangelist can give you
error. Any gossip can give you error, but if you receive truth you will have to
pay a price to possess it! Any sensual draw can attract a crowd, but we are commanded to buy the truth and sell it not.
Bill Hybels had a study commissioned by an internal group as to the result of his tremendous growth.  He began by surveying the area and asking the people what they desired in a church.  He then created a church to match their desires.  After several decades of existence he had an internal study to evaluate the ministry. Their study concluded they had the crowds, but had not produced the Christians.  
The Emerging church is heading down the same road. They do everything within their power to make the attendee feel comfortable and not challenged with their lifestyles.  The truth is we are to bring man up to God not bring God down to man.  The local church is a called out body of baptized believers, who are to be given a foretaste of Heaven not a reminder of this world.
Whatever the cost is you go ahead and
buy the truth. It will cost you hours of study, cost you tuition, cost you
so-called friends, long hours of work, days and nights of prayer, or a
denomination but what happens to you doesn’t really matter. What happens
to truth is what matters! The stand for the truth is the big thing! “Preacher,
aren’t you afraid your stand for truth will cost you followers?” I’m not
attempting to have followers! I am attempting to stand for the truth. Buy the truth and sell it not.
John 8:32, “And ye
shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
The Scripture
does not say you will know the truth and the truth shall make you famous,
popular, gain crowds, or gain riches! Buy the truth and sell it not!
The truth cost me my denomination. My denomination told me I
could not run with Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. John Rice, Evangelist Lester Roloff, or
Dr. Lee Roberson. C. H. Spurgeon also got into trouble with his denomination so
I am in pretty good company. Jesus got into trouble with the biggest
denomination of His day too! 
The truth is the issue not our future and not the
crowd we run with or against! What difference does it make if truth is not
upheld whether we succeed or not? We are only here for a little while. Just a
brief time on this planet called earth. Buy the truth and sell it not!
The purchasing of truth is a factor! It cost me my
denomination, my family in some cases, my home church, some so-called friends,
nights of tears, and a time of searching. You show me a preacher concerned with
the truth and not himself and not whether the people like it or not and I will
show you someone who has purchased truth at a high price.
Mrs. Gray and I went to Elkhart, Indiana, to preach for a
denominational church. I just surrendered to preach. That Sunday night the
State Associational Missionary came to the service and met Mrs. Gray and I
outside the church to announce to us that we would never ever preach in another
one of their churches. The reason was my recent association with Dr. Jack Hyles and Dr. John R. Rice.
Mrs. Gray and I both were shocked and we wept. We
honestly thought it was all over as far as preaching was concerned. I didn’t
know anything about the independent Baptists. I thought our American Baptists
group was the only group of true churches in the world. I decided then to buy the
truth and sell it not!
“But preacher your stand is costing you friends!” No! You
don’t lose real friends. Buy the truth and sell it not! Buy the truth preacher,
preacher boy, mother, dad, son, daughter, Sunday school teacher, bus captain,
academy teacher, college professor, staff member, usher, bus driver, deacon,
missionary, pastor, and sell it no!
Refuse to be reasoned out of the truth, laughed out of the
truth, pressured out of the truth, mocked out of the truth, ridiculed out of
the truth, or befriended out of the truth! Don’t trust the truth to liberal
colleges, liberal churches, liberal friends, liberal pastors, liberal
literature, or liberals period. Stay in fellowship with those who have paid the
price and purchased the truth and refuse to sell it for any price!
When some big named preacher starts questioning the inerrancy
and inspiration of the Scriptures you hold in your hands in the old King James
Bible, then you run from him because he has sold the truth. Buy the truth and sell it not.
All of the disciples, except Judas, died an unnatural death.
Peter was crucified upside down. Thomas was martyred in India. We are not here
to promote ourselves! We are here to promote truth! Buy the truth and sell it
You receive error free of charge. You can easily receive error from any
perversion of Scripture but you will never have to buy it! You can get error
from any liberal college, liberal church, liberal preacher, liberal seminary,
and liberal literature and it will cost you nothing! Buy the truth and sell it not.

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