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Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:
Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.”
Dr. Jack Hyles use to tell the story of a young man who comes in for counseling. He has a list of what he
is looking for in a wife. He wants a combination of Mother Teresa and Marilyn
Monroe. He asks how he should choose a wife. Dr. Hyles told him to tear up the
list and ask God to give him God’s choice and not his choice. Think about this
statement, “Use your head and your heart will follow!”
Before Mrs. Gray and I became serious in our pre-dating years
she asked me a question. She asked if I would still want her if she were an
invalid like her mother? A good question and of course the answer was yes!
Ask yourself young man, “Would I want a daughter like her?
“Do I want my children to have her for a mother? Do I want my children to have
a dad like him? Does she work hard? Does he work hard? Does she receive a lot
of demerits? Does he receive a lot of demerits? Is her room clean? Is his room
clean? Does he show up for work on time? How many jobs has he had? Has he ever
been fired? Does he win souls? Does he have a ministry? Have you asked her or
his boss about them? Have you asked the teachers about him or her? Have you
asked the preacher about him or her? Have you asked the principal about him or
her? Have you asked the youth director about him or her? Use your head and your
heart will follow!
When your head says, “Yes” your heart is given permission to
follow! Do not “fall” in love “jump” in love! Those of you who were bit by the
love bug that bug will die! Think your self into love! Use your head!
Dr. Jack Hyles use to tell the story of Dr. John R. Rice and
Mrs. Rice in a car seating together in the front seat. Mrs. Rice asked Dr.
Rice, “John R. do you love me?” Dr. Rice replied, “Yes I do!” She asked why. He
answered, “Because God told me too!” She said, “John R. that just doesn’t turn
me on” and he quipped back, “And that won’t turn me off either.”
If you’re being skinny with a schoolgirl figure turns him on
then when you become plump that will turn him off. In every area of life the
mind is supposed to be the switch, which turns the heart on!
Romans 15:6, “…with the
mind glorify God…”
The head turns the heart on. Now you can glorify God
with your heart. The heart is the seat of affection and emotion, but your head
turns your heart on! God is not talking about us all getting together and have
one mind collectively and glorify God. It is saying get your mind on one thing
and that is how good God is and your mind will turn your heart on! If you are
going to glorify God do it because your mind tells you to and not just because
you all of a sudden feel like you ought too.
Mrs. Gray has a poodle named Peaches. Mrs. Gray can make that
dog sing! She will start singing and that dog will join in and sing. It sounds
like a howl but every one calls it singing. Wait a minute! It was not the words
that meant anything to the dog. It was the music that turned him on.
That is why some like the Christian Rock, Country and Western,
and soft rock. Most of you do not say amen to the words you are saying amen to
the tune and your reaction is because of your nervous system not your mind.
If you really want to enjoy life never allow the external
stimuli be the cause of it. Let you enjoyment of life be by the internal will
of the mind. Use your head!
If you are miserable it is because you have chosen to be
miserable because the heart blinded you. If you are happy it is because you
have chosen to be happy. When God says, “Love
one another…”
then you have the capability to love given to you by God so
you must choose to love. No on should “fall” into love by accident. You should
“jump” into love via purpose. God never gives a command that you cannot will by
the mind to obey.
God says, “Rejoice ever
Ok, then you can will by the mind to rejoice ever more. “With one mind glorify God,” means with
your mind think how good God is and that will turn the switch on in your heart
and you can have a spell after awhile. That is why it takes all day Sunday
before some Christians start shouting. It takes a couple of hours to cause you
to think and that’s why you shout less on Sunday morning and more on Sunday
The difference between people who shout because of a truth
and those who do not is not found in the heart, or the emotions, but in the
mind. The problem is we do not think and dwell in our minds about how good God
is! We live in America; we are going to Heaven if we are saved, we are not
going to Hell if we are saved, and we will never die if we are saved so when
the mind gets a hold on that it causes the heart to rejoice.
A wife can think herself into loving her husband. He supports
her, clothes her, feeds her, puts a roof over her head, and protects her. A
husband can think himself into loving his wife. She left her mom and dad, her
home, her brothers and sisters, her friends, and she has known for 20 years to
live with you. Think about the travail in birth to give you both those
children. Think about it and you will love your wife. Use your head!
The Scriptures say, “With
one mind glorify God…”
Get your mind on that which causes you to glorify
God! That is exactly what Proverbs 23:7 means when it says, “For as he thinketh in his heart…” A man
thinks and his thoughts are put into the heart. The heart has no brain and it
embraces whatever the mind deposits into the heart. When you talk about people
instead of too people you always draw the wrong conclusion and that my friend
is deposited into the heart. You do not think in your heart you think in your
head and it is placed into your heart.
You pour water into a bucket and you think into your heart or
“as a man thinketh into his heart,” or as you feed into your heart. If you
think about how irritating someone is you will lose your temper eventually. The
more you think about it the madder you will become! Your thoughts are emptied
into your heart to stir your emotions. Bad thoughts become bad emotions! Good
thoughts become good emotions! Sad thoughts become sad emotions! Happy thoughts
become happy emotions!
Someone says, “Preacher, I’m just not the emotional type!”
No, you’re not the thinking type! You do not fed your heart with enough right
facts to cause your heart to rejoice and praise God. Use your head! “But
preacher I’m the quiet type!” No, you’re the non-thinking type!
You cannot get saved if you do not KNOW the Gospel. Some one
says, “I was in church one Sunday and wham it hit me and I got it!” Romans
10:17 says, “Faith cometh by hearing and
hearing by the word of God…”
So the message of God comes into your mind!
You are a sinner comes into your mind! You are headed for Hell comes into your
mind! Jesus was virgin born and was God’s Son comes into your mind! Jesus paid
that penalty of sin, death, and Hell you owe and that comes into your mind!
Jesus died and was buried and resurrected to pay for your sins enters into your
mind! “For whosever shall call upon the
name of the Lord shall be saved…”
enters into your mind! 
You see you must
KNOW that before you can get saved! Once you KNOW that your mind says to the
heart you can trust this Jesus. The mind says to the heart I’ve accepted Jesus
as my Saviour and we are going to Heaven and not to Hell and the heart becomes
excited! The heart responds to the message sent from the mind and you control
your mind. Philippians 4:8, “…think on
these things…”
is a command. God commands you in Philippians 4:8 not to
think on the latest political scandal, the Dallas Cowboy soap opera, on the
Michael Jackson death, on Madonna, Hollywood, or Spider Man. Think on these
things or use your head!
Think on these things or here are your boundaries, your
circumference, or your perimeters for your mind’s thoughts! You are not
supposed to think on anything that is not true, not honest, not just, not pure,
not lovely, and not of a good report. That is why some of God’s people are
depressed. Discipline the mind to sent the heart a good message so it can have
good emotions.
This matter of marriage! You choose a bride and not her
Channel number four perfume. If you marry her because of Mary Kaye someday you
will wish you had not because of Fanny Mae! The best thing to do is to decide
to love! We have swallowed hook, line, and sinker this Hollywood love at first
sight junk! Let your mind make the decision and your heart will follow! Use
your head!
The Psalmist spoke of a “fixed
We think that means the heart is fixed on something or on one
thought and that is not it. When David said, “My heart if fixed” he meant his
heart had been broken and he took it down to the heart repair shop and got it
fixed. We talk about a broken heart and that is not the same as a heavy heart.
A broken heart is a heart that is not working. The heart is the seat of
affection. So, a broken heart is one that is not praising God! A broken heart
can have no compassion. 
So, a broken heart occurs because of the mind’s
incorrect thoughts! David was saying my heart was broken and I got it fixed. So
David thought himself into a fixed heart. Thus, I can think myself to be happy
or joyful. Acts 26:1 Paul said, “I think
myself happy…”
A mind on Oprah Winfred will break your heart! A mind on
Jerry Springer will break your heart! A mind on Dr. Phil will break your heart!
Let God
decide what you should think about
decide to think about those things
Let your
heart respond to those things
·     Physically
be where you are supposed to be so that God   can affect your mind
your mind daily in the Scriptures

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