“TRIAL BY FIRE” AND “JACK HYLES-The Communicator” – 50% Discount

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There are only a few days left of the offer of 50% discount on a case of 16 books plus S/H.  The printer in MN has agreed to put 8 of each into a case of 16.  “TRIAL BY FIRE” is a 384 page hardback book with a beautiful dust jacket.  This book will go for $25 a book after this offer expires.

This book is designed to expose the attacks of Satan on Independent Baptist Churches.  Every generation has to fight its own battles for the cause of Christ.  There is nothing new in the tactics of Satan.  We are not ignorant of his devices, but Satan knows how to stroke egos, blind us, and disguise himself so his tares look like wheat.  It is the same play just different actors.

Here are samples of the chapters in this 33 chapter book of “TRIAL BY FIRE.”
“Satan’s Attack on the Autonomy of the Local Church”
“The Tolerance of Intolerance”
“Advice to Churches Going Through the Fire”
“Satan’s Goal is to Destroy”
“Satan’s Attack on Pastoral Authority”
“Writing Wrongs”
“Satan’s Attack Against our Stand on Homosexuality”
“It’s Time to Grow Up”
“Satan’s Attack Using Calvinism”
“Young Rebels”
“Satan’s Use of Repentance”
“Collateral Damage”
“Why Do Adult Children Rebel?”

This is a book also of 384 pages.  This is a hardback book with a beautiful dust jacket.  I know of no one who could communicate to others with the clarity of a Dr. Jack Hyles.  His communication skills enabled him to go from the common man to the highest of intellects without seeming effort.

There are 33 chapters in this book.  Every chapter will punch a reset button of memory and supply the why behind the what of his communication.   He was criticized by those who did not know him let alone know the logic behind his communication skills.  Here are a few of the 33 chapters in this book.  

“Show Us Your Muscles”
“A Great Story Teller”
“One Great Truth Per Sermon”
“Communicating Through Repetition”
“The Line Outside His Door”
“Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups”
“There is Something Different in the Air”
“The Art of Topical Preaching”
“I Liked Your Tie”
“A 3 x 5 Card”
“Please Pardon My Poetry”
“My Name Is Jack Hyles”
“Then was our Mouth filled with Laughter”
“Jack Hyles-The Teacher”

I hope you will take advantage of this 50% off offer for a case of 16 books.  There will be 8 of each book in the one case of 16.  These books will go for $25 per book after this offer is up.  With the discount they will go for $12.50 per book in the case of 16, plus S/H.   The case will be $200 plus $30 S/H.  They will be shipped to you directly from our printers in MN to you door.  
Many pastors are buying a case to give as Christmas gifts to their staff and Sunday school teachers.  These will make a great Christmas gifts to your family also.  The local bookstore will be the ruin of many a good church.  Our people need literature in their homes that will reinforce what their church stands for.

I do not profit from these books.  The money proceeds from the sale of these books goes back into the printing and distribution of my books.  My desire is to keep John Rice, Lee Roberson, Tom Malone, Curtis Hutson, Jack Hyles, Carl Hatch, and other great men alive for our young people to better understand who we are as independent Baptists.

Email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 903-576-1307 or 903-237-9019 today and take advantage of this offer. You have a few more days in order receive the books before Christmas.

If you loved “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” you will definitely love these books.  


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