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 Pastor Sean Hicks
I arrived in St. Louis, MO, Saturday and was greeted by Pastor Hicks and his dear wife Angela.  We drove to Mt. Vernon, Ill., which is an hour and a half drive.  We had wonderful fellowship.

This pastor started this church a year ago and is an excited young man.  He and his wife are personal soul winners and I suspect the great days are ahead for this man and BLESSED HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH.

Saturday Night Service
He had me preach Saturday night.  This is a church that is only one year old and I was pleased to see a wonderful crowd.   I preached my sermon “HOW TO KEEP IT GOING”from Psalm 85:11.

When God’s people spread the truth of God it always attracts Satan. He then attacks us in an attempt to cause us to stop spreading truth.  Satan doesn’t mind a church gathered studying truth, but he hates a church scattered spreading truth.

I then pointed out that when we spread truth we will attract Satan, but if we keep on spreading truth with Satan on our back we will then attract God.  God loves what Satan hates and Satan hates what God loves.   In Matthew chapter 4 Jesus answered the Devil with “It is written”when being attacked.  We are no match for Satan, but also Satan is no match for the truth.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I preached my sermon “WHY DO I STILL HAVE MY BURDENS?” out of Matthew chapter 11:28-30.   Jesus never asked us to lay our burdens down.  In Galatians 6:5 he said we are to bear our own burdens.   

He asked us to come to Him and then pick up His burden and go back into our world with both burdens.   The astonishing thing is that Christ said then and only then you will “learn of me.”  You will have a greater understanding by bearing your own burden and Christ’s burden in a yoke.   The LORD gave us 6 adults who trusted Christ.

Sunday night I preached my sermon “EVERYTHING RISES OR FALLS ON FOLLOWSHIP.”   The power is in the hand of the follower and they make or break the leader.   Dr. Lee Roberson had a 1,000 soul winners who followed the lead of Dr. Roberson.  No wonder they could baptize a 1,000 converts a year and run 10,000 in Sunday school.

Dr. Jack Hyles had 4,000 soul winners out on the streets of Chicago.  No wonder he could baptized 200 a Sunday and run 20,000 in Sunday school.  These dear people followed the lead of Dr. Hyles and accomplished great things.


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