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Brother Hyles often said, “I don’t pastor the members of First Baptist Church. I pastor the Sunday school teachers of First Baptist Church. The Sunday school teachers pastor the people of First Baptist Church.” That is why he built and maintained such a healthy church. He knew that people need to be pastored.

Unfortunately, many men copied the ministries of First Baptist Church, but did not copy the Sunday school. They started the Spanish ministry, but did not organize a Spanish Sunday school. They started a bus ministry in ghetto areas, but they did not organize a Sunday school program for those riding those buses. They put the cart before the horse.
Dr. Bruce Goddard
“I remember my first weekend in Hyles Anderson college.  Sunday morning I was put into the Junior 3B department and the giant opening assembly.  After the opening was concluded we divided up into dozens of smaller classrooms.  The Seifer furniture building  was old, the classroom dividers were hardly more than curtains, but dozens of teachers had their own small group of children to teach.  Hyles Anderson was only a few years old at the time, it was January of 1979.  I spent the next 3 1/2 years learning about Sunday school.  I sat in teachers meetings and heard Bro Hyles himself teach through the lesson for the next week, giving us little thoughts, tidbits, illustrations and truth for our class the next week.  Sunday school was big to Brother Hyles. 

In a Christian culture that is fast exalting  the mega church and quickly eroding the Sundayschool ministry, these pages outline the philosophies and the principles upon which America’s Sunday schools were once built.  Dr. Jack Hyles knew church work.  He knew the fulfillment of the great commission could not happen with just one giant service a week.  Although he believed in big everything else, Sunday schools  were small, personal, and a tool to train both the teacher and the student.  

In these pages you will see principles  articulated, ideas crystalized, and discover the simplicity and profundity of Dr. Hyles amazing Sunday school. Perhaps the greatest truth in these pages is the “WHY.”  Why do we do what we do.  This is a marvelous  “what, why and how” of Sunday School. 

This is a must read!  A wonderful treatise! You will stop constantly to write notes to yourself and others,  you will see your own questions mentioned with answers supplied.   What a tool to bring us back to a place of influence our community!”

Dr. Bruce Goddard

Table Of Contents

Acknowledgements 4 
Preface 5 
Introduction By Russell Anderson 8
A Soul Winner’s Spirit 11 
Jesus, The Personal Soul Winner 17 
Let’s Go Soul Warning 22 
Personal Soul Winning; It’s Personal 26 
The Stars Of Soul Winning 33 
How To Be A Fruitful Soul Winner 38 
How To Stay Soul Conscious 45 
12 Steps To Soul Winning 49 
Keys To A Winning Presentation 54 
The Compliment And The Conversation 63 
How To Get Lost People To Trust You 69 

How To Get A Person Lost 73 
Charting The Romans Road 78 

Getting Converts To Walk The Aisle 80 
Drawing The Net 86 
Leading A Sinner T o Repent 89 
Leading Converts T o Baptism 95 
Your New Life In Christ 100 
Soul Winning Boldness 110 
The Pastor’s Soul Winning 116 
Soul Winning Confidence 122
Various Tips For Soul Winners 129 
Training A Soul Winner 135 
Soul Winning Tools 139 
Characteristics of Great Soul Winners I Have Known 144
Becoming A Soul “WINNER” 150 
How To Be A Soul “LOSER” 161 
Obeying All Of The Great 166
Overcoming Objections in Soul Winning 174 

Leading A Natural Man To Make A Spiritual Decision 179 
Addendum 183 
Soul Winning Quotes 184


Bloody Hands 196 
Having Compassion 201 
There IS A Hell 206 
The Call To Soul Winning 210 
The Benefits Of Being A Soul Winner 215


The Wisdom Of Soul Winning 220 
The Image Of Soul Winning 223 
The Technique Of Soul Winning 227 
The Sin Problem Of Soul Winning 234 
The Solution Of Soul Winning 238 

Dr. John Hamblin

“I’m thrilled that you are holding in your hands right now, this tremendous bound volume, “Passion For Souls” by my dear friend, Dr. Bob Gray, Sr.

I’ve said, as Andrew was the Apostle of Personal Workers in the days of the early church, Dr. Bob Gray, Sr. is the “Apostle of Personal Workers” in the present church”

Here is a principled fundamentalist, powerful preacher, published author and proficient soul winner, who has not only lead tens of thousands to Christ but also has trained and tutored tens of thousands of personal soul winners.

In this bound volume you will find the drive, desire, duty, determination and demeanor, of one, without question, of the most successful personal soul winners of our day.

Study, soak up and be ready to be stirred up, by these next chapters and pages from one who’s soul truly carries with it 24/7….”A SOUL WINNERS’ PASSION”!”

Dr John N. Hamblin, evangelist

INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM will soon release two new books – “JACK HYLES’ PASSION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL” and “PASSION FOR SOULS.” If I could recommend just two books to pastors to give to their lay leaders and members it would be these two books. I believe one of the great secrets to the success of the Jack Hyles’ ministries were these two elements. You will find within the 240 pages of each book very practical and poignant thoughts to bring us back to the foundation of fundamentalism. There is no reason to fail in the reaching of souls for Christ. Please keep an eye out for the pre-sale of these books. I promise you they will help push the re-set button.

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