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Now the statement may start some immediate confusion as to what I am going to say next.  A declaration like this only seems to demand a follow up statement as to what I am.  You are absolutely correct, so here it is.
I AM a Christian! Ok.  There you have it. Huh? What’s that you say?  You think I have left something wide open?  You think that I need to declare what I am?  I did.  I AM a Christian, but not a heterosexual.  Still confused?  You  are wondering what kind of                        sexual I am?  I see you are confused.  You think that I have to declare myself to be some kind of sexuality?  I get it.

Well, I am going to have to disagree with you.  For me to declare that I am heterosexual would mean that I believe there is an alternative, which I don’t.  You see society builds relationships off of our sexuality, but God does not.  Society says pick your sexuality and then your mate.  Sorry, but that is putting the cart way before the horse.  Our job is not to pick our sexuality and then find our purpose.  Our job is to find our purpose and let God worry about the rest.

Homosexuality is the result of misplaced sexuality.  It is the result of man seeking to find himself rather than seeking to find God.  If we found God before we found ourselves we would never have to find ourselves because God never misplaced us. 

Man wants to define God by us.  However, God expects us to be defined by Him.  Sexuality is not the means to find ourselves.  Nor is the end that we are to be seeking.  Sexuality is the byproduct of finding God’s will and purpose, which was made very clear early in the Bible in the story of creation.  God makes man for HIS purpose.  God gives man a woman as an helpmeet.  Man knows his wife in a sexual union.  End of story.

Now here is the problem.  Man wants to believe that desire dictates direction.  We want to say, “Oh, I believe this so I will go in this direction.”   That is so backwards that it isn’t funny, it is foolish.  Yet, it is exactly what we have done with sexuality. We allow a desire to be created and then we expect God to follow along and bless.  God becomes sub servant to man in that scenario.  We were made for His pleasure, not the other way around.

Here is the seriousness of this.  Once we have decided to allow sexuality to be the horse that pulls the cart of our direction all bets are off.  Who is then to say which sexual desires are admissible and which ones are not.  Now we will be allowed an abundance of terms to pick from. Once we pick our flavor then we decide how we are going to live our lives and dare the Bible or Bible believers get in our way.  

What ever you do, don’t say you were born this way because there are at least two serious problems with that statement.  First, that means God is confused because man was made in the image of God and God is not confused about how He made us or about His image. Secondly, that can become the argument for every desire that man has.

If I was born with the desire to steal is that acceptable?  If I was born with the desire to have sex with animals does that make it not wrong?  That is silly!  You were born with a sin nature.  You are to be born again and then to present your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God.  What does that mean?  It means we are to be “chaste.”  How can one be chaste while still submitting to sexual desire or “preferences” to lead them?  You will not find much chastity in a society that defines direction by sexual preference.

Now why do I refuse to define myself as a heterosexual?  if I define myself as one then I am acknowledging that there is an alternative label.  God did not give such labels.  In fact in the Bible homosexuality was not given the respect to be even called a name.  Instead God simply describe it as an unnatural act.  God does not allow Satan to force him to give a name to a perversion of His Divine purpose.

“And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another, men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”  Romans 1:27

Isn’t that interesting?  God does not even lower Himself to give it a name.  He merely describes it for what it is unnatural.  He refuses to give it legitimacy.  God calls it what it is, but what do we do?  We fall into the trap of accepting these labels as legit.  

One man says, “I am a red blooded, God fearing heterosexual male.”   Hey bro, I have news for you.  The God fearing part negated the need for the heterosexual part.  If you are God fearing then sex is a part of the purpose God has within your marriage.

Once something is labeled, then society says I must decide what I am to do about it.  So, next society asks us not to be prejudiced against those who were “born that way.”  If we don’t, then they label us as “homophobes.”  They say we are afraid of someone who has denied the authority of God. NOPE, not at all!  I merely refuse to add those involved to a certain sin as a legitimate demographic that I am forced to make any decision regarding.  

When I was a young boy I did not have to decide what I was sexually, but rather Whose I was spiritually.  Once that was determined chastity was assumed.  I presented my body to God and He took me from there to being married to a woman.  

The only things that came out of the closets in my youth were my clothes or baseball bats and gloves.  Today we make heroes out of men who declare their sexuality and goats out of men who declare their Saviour. Sin has been given precedence over righteousness.

Here is our decision regarding those who commit those acts described in Romans 1:27.  They are sinners who must be saved just like all other sinners who must be saved in order to go to Heaven.  Once they are saved they are to become morally chaste just like a man living in adultery or a couple living together outside of marriage.  

They have allowed a desire to define their lifestyle so they will have to go through the process that all sinners experience who have to give up a sin while God transforms them.  When a Christian comes toward Christ after salvation God purges them in order for them to be conformed to the image of Christ.  I cannot change them, but God can just like he does all who come to Christ.

I will not put a sign outside the church advertising that we are “gay friendly.”  I hope everyone in town knows we are “sinner friendly.”  I will not recognize them as a demographic any more than I will make the adulterers a demographic. 

An evangelical recently wrote an article on what churches need to do about the homosexual community.  It was and is lunacy!  First, stop thinking that it is our problem.  Our problem is getting sinners to trust Christ and then pointing them to a chaste lifestyle, NOT advertising that a certain segment can come and feel accepted in their sin.  We accept them as sinners in our services, but we cannot acknowledge their lifestyle as acceptable or viable.

So, the world wants to know if we are going to stop our gay bashing.  I am not a “gay basher.”  I AM however a sin-hating preacher.  I will call sin by name, at least the ones that have a name, which actually this one does not, other than the Bible word “sodomy.”  God simply calls it unnatural.  Perhaps we should just do what Paul did in the book of Romans and tell what the sin is without the name.  

I do not plan to damn souls to Hell by refusing to preach against sin.  If they do not understand the awfulness of sin how can they know their need for a Saviour?  I have no choice, but to call sin out.  I must!  My question is when are they going to stop their chastity bashing?

What about the man who is not born with a sexual desire for women?  Again, we have a problem because we are starting the conversation with the word “desire.”  We are saying that sexual “desire” is to dictate the “direction” of our lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here is the answer to that which applies to all of us.  Find God! 

He will direct your desires, but He will never violate His law.  God will never give a man sexual desires to another man.  He will either lead you to a woman for whom you will have “desire” or He will allow you to serve Him in a life of “chastity.” The Apostle Pau may or may not have had a desire for a woman, but what he did have was a “desire” to honor His God.

So, what is the point?  It is this.  I refuse to play Satan’s game!  I refuse to legitimize a sin as an alternative lifestyle and then respond by acknowledging their labels.  We are losing our language and the definition of words to liberals.

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