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For the past 24 hours I have had an onslaught of attacks against me by a group that was mobilized for the purpose of harassing me. What is my crime? It is that I do not believe homosexuals are damned to hell. That is it. People who have bought into the rhetoric of one man who has an agenda. His agenda is to damn the souls of homosexuals to hell based upon taking Scripture out of context and interpreting it for his own purpose. I make no apologies for my position. 
Additionally I make no apologies for defending a ministry that has been lied about and misrepresented by people who have not even investigated for themselves what that ministry believes. I believe that homosexuality is an abomination, but I also believe that Jesus died for ALL sinners and that if they turn to Christ they can be saved. I guess these people must ask every person they witness to whether or not they have ever had a homosexual experience before they give them the Gospel. If not they are hypocrites. If they try to win someone to Christ without finding out if they are already damned it seems like a waste of time. 
In no uncertain terms, I believe that Jesus died for these sinners just as much as he died for Bob Gray. They don’t believe that. Mark it down. That is the issue. They will fight and slander anyone who refutes their contention that homosexuals or anyone who is engaged in same-sex activity is damned to hell with no hope for redemption. 
You want to fight haters? You better bring your lunch. Bob Gray will not back down in his position that Christ came to save all sinners, and that includes homosexuals. Beware my friends because these people will call you every vicious name in the book for merely proclaiming that sinners can be saved no matter what their sin.

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