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Some of you are a little shook up over this attack on me and others, but let me tell you friends God is in it. This is necessary. The far-fetched lunacy of Steve Anderson needs to be exposed and there needs to come a separation. He is not one of us. He lies. He misrepresents the truth. He puts words in the mouth of men like Jack Hyles that Jack Hyles would not have said. It’s all good folks. The man is exposing himself and being exposed. 
Look, I would never have launched a fight against Steve. I did not start this fight. However, I believe it’s a fight that has to be fought. When Steve decided to attack a soul winning ministry with lies and misrepresentations I knew I had to speak. He even gave my phone number out publicly. His minions have been calling and harassing me. I have returned every single call. 
I have been called a compromiser. I have been damned to hell. I have been physically threatened. I have been told that Jack Hyles would renounce me. I have been told I hate my grandchildren. I have been yelled at and screamed at. However, I have yet to hear one voice of reason who really knew the lies Steven Anderson is perpetuating. If Jack Hyles were alive he would not identify himself with Steven Anderson. That is a fact. 
Stop your worrying and fretting folks. God is in control. I’m a grizzled old veteran and I can handle the foul and nasty assaults they are making on me. I have not changed my position on anything. I believe the same thing I have believed for over 44 years of ministry. What some people need to do is check the facts for yourself and quit believing what you are being told by Anderson. 

Those following Steven Anderson have no idea what they are talking about. They took the title of a book and ran with it without one bit of research. The things they say are total lunacy. Stephen Anderson is a very smart young man. He has manipulated people into following his rhetoric and they are doing so ignorantly and blindly. If you think us old men of God have gone soft you had better read this one more time.

This is not going to hurt the cause of Christ. It is going to help because we need to get back to some sense. Steven Anderson is one who represents nonsense. Don’t worry folks. Calm down. Everything is gonna be fine. This ain’t my first rodeo. I’m ready. 
I know they are going to keep coming after me with everything they can. They are going to get nastier and nastier just like the liberals have done to President Trump. There is so much similarity in the way these people are acting to the way the Liberals are acting towards President Trump. It’s almost laughable. 
I think right about now Dr. Hyles would come out and start singing, “Everything’s alright in my Fathers house,” and we would all relax and realize that there’s nothing to worry about. Well, everything IS alright in our Fathers house. What is happening needs to happen and it is going turn out for good.

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