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Letter written in 1955 from Dr. Louis Entzminger, to Dr. Earl Oldham, then President of Bible Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.
Dear Earl,
I had rather be dead than to have to annoy you so much but I haven’t been in the fix I’m in for years. Have two, fifty dollar notes passed due on my home, and two, fifty dollar notes passed due on my car, and no credit here, and less than $1.00 in bank, and nothing to buy food with.
If I were in Fort Worth I could get credit in stores where they have known me for years. Three banks there I have been able to borrow from without even collateral, but here none. And there is not a Fundamental Baptist church in all this area. June will soon be here and I’ll be 79 years old. I never would have believed I would have faced the condition I’m now in.
But I sure believe it now. If I was where there were Fundamental Baptist churches, I believe I could get something to do. Guess I would be better off with sinus trouble and be where I could do something. 
All I can do is pray. Have all my time on that but don’t seem to be making much progress at it. Just know this, any thing you can do to help, I will dead sure appreciate it. Keep praying for me, I appreciate that.
Yours in everlasting bonds,
Thank the Lord. Just this minute the mail man handed me your letter with a hundred dollar check in it. Yes God still hears and answers prayer. God bless you boy! You saved me.

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