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Revelation 1:6, “And hath made us kings and priests unto God
and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.”
Revelation 5:10, “And hast made us unto our God kings and
priests: and we shall reign on the earth.”
Luke 9:62, “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough,
and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
The question of being fit for the
kingdom is not a Bible question about being redeemed or not for one cannot be
fit for the kingdom of God if one is not saved. However, just being redeemed
does not make one fit for the kingdom of God or putting ones hand to the plow
does not save any one. For if that were true then looking back would cause one
who was saved to lose his or her salvation.
II Samuel 16:5-14 may not be one
of the darkest hours of David’s life, but certainly it must be the most
humiliating. By all rights David is King of Israel. He has been anointed three
times. He is the man after the very heart of God according to Acts 13:22.
David has been dethroned, David
has been removed from his position, and his own son Absalom has dethroned
David. I just cannot imagine a greater heartache than to be betrayed by ones
own son or by someone whom you have given your very life too. 
I have more
respect for a prostitute than a disloyal person. I have more respect for a pimp
than a disloyal son, assistant pastor, staff member, or deacon. I cannot fathom
David’s own son removing his father from the throne.
Absalom had stolen the hearts of
the men of Israel. Ironic, for you never hear any one naming their boy Absalom.
He as a good-looking longhaired boy. He was a charismatic self-centered son who
never built anything and lived off of his dad’s success. His dad made him! His
father gave every thing he had to him, for his dad gave him his position, his
prominence, and the ear of the people.
However, this was not enough for
Absalom. There is nothing wrong with receiving things from dad, but one had
better do more with it than consume it and run it into the ground. Absalom had
convinced himself that he deserved more than he had been given. He wanted to
rule and he wanted his dad’s position. He set out to get it by guile,
deception, and he did.
David refuses to lead by force so
David gathers his family, his staff, faithful servants, and departs Jerusalem.
David refuses to impose his authority for he knows his authority exists because
of the followers and not him. He derives the right to lead from the right to
follow. The day a leader decides the follower doesn’t want him should be his
last day as leader. I’m not speaking of a minority of disgruntles for they will
always exist. I am speaking of the majority however.
Please understand this David did
not leave Jerusalem because he feared Absalom. David had dismembered bears,
killed lions with his bare hands, and felled the great giant Goliath with one
smooth stone. Don’t tell me you thought David feared Absalom for he did not.
Absalom has flattered the people
and stolen their hearts from the king. He would say to the people at the gate,
or head quarters of the government, “My father is too busy. Now, if I were
The one who truly loves you is
not the one who gives you what you want, but what you need knowing it may cost
him your affection toward him. It is discipline not favoritism that is the
maximum love given. You receive very little help when you get what you want
instead of getting what you need. 
As a pastor I would rather hurt the members’ feelings than harm their
future. One will get over hurt feelings, but you will never get over the harm
done to ones future.
Israel chose Absalom to rule over
them because he promised that which he could not possibly produce. (Sounds like
Obama) The carnal man will always choose what he wants and what feels good. The
devil’s plan is to offer you what you have always wanted and rebellion is the
only door to getting what you want.
Thus, David leaves Jerusalem and
goes to Bahurim as a dethroned king, an exiled king, a rejected king, and a
dejected king, but still a king nevertheless. By the way in his heart and God’s
heart he was still a king. A just man may be down, but he is never out because
he will always end up on his feet.
All of a sudden there appears a
descendant of David. Shimei is his name. Shimei begins to curse David. He
throws dust and dirt at David. He throws stones at David. Dust in Bible times
was a picture of shame and scoffing. The throwing of stones was not to kill
David, but a Middle East custom of showing disgust and provocation much like
what you see on TV today in the Middle East with Arabs throwing stones at army
tanks. They know they can’t hurt the tanks, but it is an act of disgust and
Shimei a bitter man accuses David
of stealing the throne from Saul who was a bitter enemy of David and an old
nemesis. He tells David that losing the throne is exactly what David deserves.
Then Abishai comes on the scene.
I like Abishai. He is a loyal, loyal, loyal man. He is a man’s man! II Samuel
16:9, “Then said Abishai the son of
Zeruiah unto the king, Why should this dead dog curse my lord the King? Let me
go over, I pray thee, and take off his head.”
 By the way this is the spirit every loyal man ought to have.
Please take note of David’s
response concerning Shimei his accuser. David said Shimei’s not worth my
attention. Sometimes the best answer is no answer. Silence may be the best
sound to make. David rebukes Abishai his defender and ignores his critic. David
defends the one who is insulting him and challenging him, and saves the life of
the one who is cursing and stoning him. David rebukes the one who wants to
silence his critic. Sometimes a leader has too much true grit and not enough
true grace.
This is one of the reasons God
called David a man after his own heart. In Isaiah 53:7 it is just like how
Jesus responds to his accusers for “He opened not his mouth.” A Christian is
more Christ like sometimes when his mouth is shut.
II Thessalonians 4:4, “Study to be quiet.”
A man appears more masculine when
he shuts his mouth and a lady is never more lady like than when she’s quiet.
There is no law that says you have to express your opinion. The truth is you do
not say what you think you say without thinking, because if you would have
thought about what you were going to say you probably would not have said it.
Most have diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.
David did not address Shimei, he
did not allow Abishai to retaliate against Shimei, neither did David retaliate
against Shimei, nor did David allow Abishai to silence Shimei.
David is a displaced king, but a
king nevertheless. In II Samuel 16:10-11 David is saying leave Shimei along.
David is saying this is a minor irritation. My own son has broken my heart for
I gave him life, I fed him, I clothed him, I loved him, and he has chosen to
betray me and this relative of my mortal enemy, Saul, is nothing to me.
David is saying I have more
important matters to attend to than this and I do not have time to get side
tracked with this Benjamite and what he has to say to me. David is saying to
Abishai let me focus on the real problem; let me focus on the kingdom, and on
that which really matters.
My question is, are you dear
leader fit for the kingdom? Are you allowing the little things side track you
and make you unfit to be king of your kingdom? We are so obsessed with our
little inconveniences of life that we do not pay attention to real life issues
of our kingdom.
Do not become an Abishai or allow
an Abishai seek revenge. Do not let your whole life be defined  the wrong
others have done to you. They will sleep at night while you toss and turn.
Never let your life be defined by your enemies, or controlled by your enemies,
or let your mind be distracted by your enemies, or allow your love of life to be
destroyed by your enemies.
His own son dethrones David, but
David knows he will return. David knows this is a small setback. Some men
endured things that caused us to admire them and then watched them fall under
the weight of a straw of something small or something insignificant. David
refuses to let a response to Shimei disqualify him from returning to his
throne. Do not think David could not have taken his head off.
God has made us kings and
priests, a throne to inhabit, a scepter to hold, a royal crown, and a royal
robe. Do not let a little conflict keep you from God’s blessings. Jesus is the
King of kings. If we will stay focused Jesus will use us in our kingdom as a
The insignificant becomes
significant to some. Some allow little petty things to get under their skin.
Comments from someone who doesn’t really matter to the whole scheme of things
can become a stumbling block. Refuse to let them cause you to be dethroned.
What a thousand Philistines could
not do to Samson, Delilah did with a smile and a razor. The blessings of God
are more important to me than the opinion of someone who doesn’t like me, maybe do not even know me,
never heard me preach, never visited the church I pastored or some rebellious
carnal Christian who has visited. 99 % of the people who criticized Dr. Jack
Hyles never attended the church he pastored.
Do not become sidetracked by the Shimei’s in your life or even the Absalom’s whose life’s goal is to take you down.  Only God can do that. Stay focused on God’s will for your life and stay diligent in the service to your LORD.  Become fit and stay fit!
You are
meant to rule
You have
a kingdom
You will
have set backs
You are
still a king in those times of set backs
You must
not let insignificant or significant enemies sidetrack you
You must
do right even when done wrong

give up on your kingdom

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